Val (2021)

★★★★ Watched 08 Sep, 2021

It does what is sets out to do, so I’m struggling to think of why I can’t give it 5 stars. I guess it feels like a pebble you skip across the lake with each skip leaving an imprint of Val Kilmer career… a short snippet of each important movie he did along with some key life moments. 

I did get a new appreciation of Val as an actor and all around creative person who kept pushing himself to do something different and kept challenging himself creatively. A worthwhile self portrait for sure.

Source: Letterboxd
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5 thoughts on “Val (2021)

  1. I am very interested in watching this. Val is a terrific actor. My favorite performance of his is a lesser-known action romance movie called “The Saint” He plays a master of disguise and acts as about a dozen different personas! Different accents and mannerism. He amazes me.


    1. Yeah I liked that one as well. I’ll look for my review and put it on my Slovene blog. You can then use online translation to get the idea. 😉
      Thinking about it that was probably his most diverse role. My mom loved the original TV series with Roger Moore who later got to be somehow similar character James Bond.

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