I’m passionately into movies, animation, TV series, comics, books, video games, and martial arts (15 years in various karate styles). I like documentaries, space, nature and traveling.

I have started to write for newspapers and magazines already at the end of high school back in 1994. For the next 15 years I was, as a freelance journalist, contributing to and collaborating with various print newspapers and magazines, online media and TV stations.

My passion and specialization are movies, animation and visual effects (VFX) as well as IT and the Internet. I have been reporting on film and IT news, writing regular columns, film reviews and behind the scenes articles, as well as Internet-related stories. I’m in the process of sharing some of my work in my online archive in Slovene, available at my other blog Spletni pravljičar (Web/Online Storyteller).

I also co-authored two books published in Slovenia. First about the short history of feature animation (mostly in Western cinema) and the second about the short history of VFX in Hollywood movies.

As far as the regular job goes, I have about a decade of IT support experience in three very different countries (Slovenia, Finland, and Uruguay) working for two international companies (Sabre and SSH) among others.