Aloha (2015)

★★★ Watched 7 Aug, 2022

For a Cameron Crowe movie, this one is kind of meh (first time using this word), but I’ll admit the ending got me right in the feels. One of the best silent endings in the history of the romantic genre. The gradual realization portrayed through facial expressions is amazing, especially on the side of the young actress Danielle Rose Russell. It’s right up there with Lost in Translation where silence speaks volumes. 

Nonverbal communication is one of the threads in Aloha along with respect for the indigenous people and space exploration. That’s all fine and great, but the narrative is a bit messy and unclear about what is trying to say and focus on. My soft spot for Rachel McAdams and some of the early Crowe’s movies contributed to a higher score than I would have given to another cast and director. Bradley Cooper did ok and Emma Stone is just so honest and lovely in everything she does.

Source: Letterboxd
Info: IMDb


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