Sully (2016)

 Watched 26 May, 2020

Another in a series of real-life stories by legendary actor turned director Clint Eastwood with a masterfully subtle performance by versatile Tom Hanks. The story about one in a lifetime achievement of landing a passenger airplane on water, which passengers hear about in every safety presentation before the plane takes off, shows only a short snippet of time around the incident which in real life lasted 208 seconds. The calm manner pilot Sully and co-pilot Skiles performed during those 3 minutes and a half is amazing and a testament to their character as well as the training they received. The scrutiny they go under in the aftermath, even though everyone on the plane survived, is very business-like and appalling. Here Eastwood shows restrain and doesn’t vilify the investigators, but rather focuses on the very important key human aspect.

I have only seen the director’s formidable Changeling and have yet to see American Sniper, Invictus, 15:7 Paris, and Richard Jewell that portray ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Nevertheless, I can see and admire the type of stories he decided to focus on in his old age. Every movie he made in the last 10 years I expect to be his last, but he just keeps on going while the quality does not suffer at all. I had no idea that my childhood western and street crime hero will turn into a first-class down to earth director!

Source: Letterboxd
Info: IMDb

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