Moana (2016)

★★★★★ Watched 02 Mar, 2017


The main song keeps playing in my head… excellent animation, funny but deep and imperfect characters, timeless story. It has been a while since I enjoyed so much original soundtrack in a Disney animated movie. Voice cast hits all the marks just right. Some might say Disney got back into the race for the best animation studio with Frozen, but for me they finally did it with Moana.

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One thought on “Moana (2016)

  1. Two words: so good.

    With Brave and Moana, we can finally replace outdated (but badass) Mulan and give modern little girls strong females to look up to. I loved how Moana is both a captain and a hero. She’s cunning, funny, and beautiful. The environmental metaphors were also necessary, and the music was priceless. I loved this movie so much!

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