Movie reviews

Since I started my other blog in Slovene “Web Storyteller“, where I archive IT and pop culture articles as well as movie/website/game/book reviews which I wrote as a freelancer between 1995 and 2011, I’ve been trying to increase the number of posts for this blog. Something shorter and less time consuming for me and for you, my dear readers. Then I realized I wrote a bunch of short reviews or more accurately quick thoughts on my Letterboxd acount since 2017, which I can share here. You can go ahead and read them there and follow me if you are a member. It’s free and if you like movies I warmly recommend it to keep up a list of what you watched and what you want to see in the future. I imported most of my list from my IMDb list and manually entered the rest. I keep adding them as I remember I’ve seen a movie, mostly those before 1995. As of today I’ve logged 1,899 movies (that includes comedy specials like Eddie Murphy: Delirious).

I used to have a press card for cinema, which meant I didn’t have to pay for the ticket. On top of that I was regularly invited to press and closed preview screenings while I lived in Slovenia and was writing about movies. During those years I rarely watched movies at home on TV, because I spent more time in the cinema. Sometimes 2-3 movies per week. Three times I went to a cinema fair, which was 2 day happening intended for national cinema owners to book movies for their local theaters. This was the time before large cinema chains took over, when almost every other village had their own cinema.

As I mentioned before I’m planning to also translate selected reviews from Slovene for older movies. Majority of reviews I wrote for the movies that were in the cinema at the time. On Letterboxd I’ve been occasionally posting as I watch specific movie for the first time, which could be old or new. At some point I want to do a re-watch review, especially for the movies from the 80s and 70s, which I’ve seen a long time ago with very young and inexperienced eyes.

Any comments or requests are most welcome, especially from those who tried to read my Slovene blog with a help of Google translator. Which is not ideal way of experiencing my writing. So let me know if you would like me to translate a specific piece (doesn’t have to be movie related) for better understanding and more authentic experience.

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