Logan (2017)

★★★★★ Watched 11 Jan, 2020

I’ve heard good things about it but wasn’t sure what to expect. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact I was never sure where the story is going, how much background information will be revealed about the main characters and how long and how brutal the action sequences will play out.

I was taken by the simplicity and depth of the script that is expertly paced interviewing slow dramatic moments with explosive, but not too flashy, action. The emotional depth related to the feeling of an adopted family, old friendships, and fresh fatherly sentiments touched the deepest parts of me, which I certainly didn’t expect from a superhero action drama.

Since we have characters on the opposite side of the aging spectrum (Logan and Charles are in the twilight of their lives, while Laura is trying to process the next step in her young life), all three mentioned poured their soul into their respective performances showing the familiar contrast between young and much older generation. Young Dafne Keen is incredibly convincing in her action scenes (the rage in her eyes is palpable) to a point I could not tell where her performance ended and CGI double started. Which of course is also a tribute to the VFX guys.

The center of the story is aging Logan, a character Jackman has played so many times it became synonymous with him when comes to the big screen. I’m glad he had an opportunity to give his character this incredible sendoff for himself and the fans.

As an old saying goes “kids are our future”, I finally feel it in my life how selfless acts of taking care of a kid, helping her/him to grow and learn is more fulfilling than anything else I can think of. In the process, we also learn things from them about ourselves we would otherwise not have a chance to. All that is encoded in this seemingly simple self-contained action road movie.

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