Frozen II (2019)

★★★★★ Watched 28 Nov, 2020

Surprisingly deep with a very poignant message for the modern age and a commentary on how the western world destroyed the native tribes out of fear and ignorance (also greed). The animation is top-notch and continues to evolve with each new studio feature. Special effects in feature animation have been the same as in live-action movies for a while, but the balance between breathtakingly realistic natural scenery and keeping it grounded in the animation style (not to stand out like a sore thumb) is something to be commended.

I enjoyed it more than the first one mainly because it had more to say, while the humor I feel was better in the original.

Source: Letterboxd
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2 thoughts on “Frozen II (2019)

  1. This is my older sister’s (and her kids’) favorite movie right now. They watch it almost every day. I really enjoyed seeing this one in theaters, and have been meaning to re-watch it ever since. Fantastic animation, and theatrical music / voice work – such the combination.

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    1. I was a bit disappointed with the story of the first one, so it didn’t leave a lasting impression. I expect first rate animation and voice work from Disney and Pixar, but stories have not been on the same level lately. Especially since they fired Lasseter.

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