Piran-Pirano (2010)

★★★½ Watched 19 May, 2020

Slovene drama about two young men and a young woman whose paths crossed during World War II in Piran. It is competently made and skillfully shot, but nothing, in particular, stands out to me except the fact it was filmed in Piran. A small charming Adriatic town where I used to spend every summer of my childhood and most summers of my adult life up to 2011 when I moved from Europe to South America.
Living so far away and looking from afar, not just upon Slovenia but also Europe as a whole, I’m getting a new appreciation of the places I’ve seen that played part in world history. In 2019 World War II sparked my interest, after my father-in-law lent me a book The Pocket History of the Second World War by Henry Steele Commager (originally published at the end of 1945), so this movie combined my childhood nostalgia with WW2 interest.

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3 thoughts on “Piran-Pirano (2010)

  1. I just google mapped Piran to see. What a charming town to spend summers in as a kid! And as a young adult. It’s hard to imagine European town NOT affected by WW2 in some way. I’m sure there is so much history unique to every town.

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    1. Piran is a Slovene name and Pirano is Italian. Most towns close to the Italian border have dual names because of the history of being under Italian rule. Also most people living there speak both languages. Similar situation is going on close to other areas close to the border with Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

      I’ll probably do a post about Wheel of Time series which was partly filmed in breathtaking Slovenian Alps.

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