Don’t Look Up (2021)

★★★★ Watched 2 Jan, 2021

In the spirit of outright prophetic Idiocracy (2006) this setup feels a completely accurate reflection of the present times and because of that loses some of its satiric comedy edge. I really don’t see real-life events of this scenario play out considerably differently than depicted in this movie. Serious veteran dramatic actors (DiCaprio, Lawrence, Streep, Blanchett) in prominent roles make everything look even more ridiculous. I loved the execution but made me worried about our future in a way I have not allowed myself before. Who knows WTF is going to happen!

P.S. The post-credit scenes are worth the wait.

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Look Up (2021)

  1. Idiocracy felt like satire. Don’t Look Up feels like real life… It is scary. Real life has become stranger than fiction. This movie made me want to do a better job though. Protecting life. Caring about, valuing life. And it made me laugh a lot too actually.

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    1. What a difference 15 years make! I saw it maybe 8 years ago and already felt they nailed the spirit of where modern society was going. And with this movie we arrived. There’s a roundtable where the director explains he wrote this movie before the pandemic but they started filming it during the pandemic, so he already saw his idea come to life in the most bizarre way.

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      1. I am from the United States, and don’t know how people from other countries view our country anymore, but I can tell you it’s as crazy and corrupt as this movie portrays. The 4 year Trump presidential administration that ended in 2021 was the epitome of Idiocracy. It was BAD.


      2. Watching this roundtable discussion, I notice how DIFFERENT the actors are in real life. Acting really wows me. They really are BECOMING someone else on screen! I know this is obvious, but it really impresses me.


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