Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

★★★★ Watched 12 Jul, 2019

To clarify I’ve watched only the Ultimate Edition, so I can’t comment on the improvement, which was obviously made. I was wondering which scenes were added and I think I could guess which few scenes were extended. For a 3h running time, it surprised me how well it was paced throughout the whole movie. The very obviously darker tone is set right at the opening scene, which connects directly to the middle of the final battle in The Man of Steel, where the mood was a bit more upbeat.

After Nolan’s Batman trilogy, which perfectly played into my feelings how a cinematic Batman should look like, I was not sure if I could get on board of another take on a broader DC universe as a response to insanely successful Marvel Universe. After lukewarm Suicide Squad and great Man of Steel, I quite like the darker and more brooding mood because it fits the more serious characters of DC.

After this movie I got so excited I tried to go straight into Wonder Woman (2017), but the night got too long to keep awake. From what I’ve seen of it it looks like an absolutely wonderful mesh of quirky style and semi-serious tone that is WW1. For me, the comparison between DCU and MCU is like Star Trek vs Star Wars. I love them both for very different reasons.

Source: Letterboxd
Info: IMDb

P.S. I finished Wonder Woman a few days later and loved it. Despite the flaws, Gal Gadot completely enchanted me with her perfect blend of innocence, humor and physical ability. But I wasn’t in the mood for a review.

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