“Web Storyteller”

It took me much longer than I planned, but my other blog Spletni pravljičar (Web/Online Storyteller) in Slovene is finally up and running. It is intended to mostly be an online archive of my articles that were published in various Slovene media (magazines, newspapers and websites) between 1995 and 2011. But as I noticed with this blog, I have plenty ideas for new content (and not enough peaceful time to see them through) and I will be occasionally doing that there as well.

At this point I can see that statistically most of my readers come from Slovenia, but there are some from other countries like Uruguay, USA, India, Finland, Germany, Argentina, Russia and Brazil. For those I’ve added convenient plugin for Google Translator on the right hand upper corner of every page. The translation into English is still amusing, especially when I got overly creative with my expressions. But you can get a general idea of what I was trying to say.

As I mentioned in my first post The journey finally begins, I will be cross-posting selected stories translated by yours truly, so you can always wait for that. Also, if you like what you read, please spread the word. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

P.S. The name comes from my scout name “Storyteller”. I’ll write about the origin some day.

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