The journey finally begins

This blog has been brewing and simmering in my mind for many years and I finally did it thanks to my therapist’s gentle insistence and encouragement why I haven’t yet grabbed the proverbial bull by its horns and do something about it. Being born under Sagittarius with all the major characteristics, the bull is literally me in this scenario.

The name of the blog was inspired by Life of Brian (1979), the evergreen satire by ingenious Monty Python. If I wouldn’t learn to laugh at myself, I wouldn’t survive this long. Mentally at least. Based upon my self-discovering journey through past four decades, I will continue to challenge general social views, which was partly inspired by aforementioned British comedy group, with my thoughts and ideas presented here.

Since my early childhood, gazing into the sky and space beyond it, while dreaming about a future full of scientific inventions, I hoped to live at least to see and experience the life in the middle of 21st century. Being half way there at this point, I’d like to look back at my life through many years of freelance writing. I will be presenting and translating articles that I feel still have some value for younger readers, while representing nostalgic trip for my generation. When inspired or frustrated with the present I will probably attempt to look into the future, while revealing my ongoing struggles with understanding the present.

Comments, questions, praise and criticism are always welcome as long as they are constructive and/or well meaning.

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